Brave Faces Everyone Vinyl LP

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Brave Faces Everyone Vinyl LP

Brave Faces Everyone Blood Red & Bone Pinwheel w/ Heavy Black Splatter Vinyl LP

200 - PN - Blood Red & Bone Pinwheel w/ Heavy Black Splatter
300 - PN 2 - Red(Ish), Black and Bone Aside/Bside
300 - US Indie Retail - Half Blood Red/Half Bone w/ Heavy Black Splatter on the Red side only
400 - UK / EU - Clear w/ Red(Ish) & Black Smoke
200 - Tour - Blood Red / Black / Beer Tri-Stripe
200 - Uncle M - Clear w/ Heavy Black and Red(Ish) Splatter
600 - Various - Black inside Blood Red
1000 - 2nd Press - Blood Red, White & Black Twist

Full Album Digital Download (sent via email on release date)
Instant tracks Loser and Kick (sent via email at time of purchase)

Track List:
1. Routine Pain
2. Self-Destruction (as a sensible career choice)
3. Generation Loss
4. Kick
5. Beachfront Property
6. Losers
7. Optimism (as a radical life choice)
8. Losers 2
9. Dolores
10. Brave Faces, Everyone

Album release date is February 7th
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